Shobdon Neighbourhood Development Plan

Its a Yes! The referendum was held on the 28th February 2019 and the result was overwhelmingly in favour of adoption, with 83.4% of votes for “yes”. This means that the NDP will have full weight in planning decisions from 1st March 2019. You can access the notice of the poll result here.

Background:  The 2011 Localism Act reformed the planning system offering communities an opportunity to take a leading role in how their local environment would develop. Shobdon Parish Council asked Herefordshire Council to designate the parish as a Neighbourhood Plan Area and this was approved in July 2012.  A Parish Plan Steering Group was formed from interested local residents and had its first meeting in 2013. The terms of reference for the Steering Group can be accessed  You can find the minutes from the steering group at the bottom of this page; the group reported regularly to the Parish Council and you can find the Parish Council minutes on the relevant page of this website. 

The Shobdon Neighbourhood Plan has been developed to help deliver the local community's requirements and aspirations for the plan period up to 2031.  The Plan will provide a means of guiding, promoting and enabling balanced and sustainable change and growth within the designated area of Shobdon Parish. The regulation 14 consultation on the draft plan took place in Spring 2016 and responses from organisations and individuals were received and considered. The plan was then revised and a consultation statement drawn up, which details all the stages the plan has gone through within the Parish to ensure full and wide consultation with residents. The Parish Council agreed the draft plan at a meeting in December 2016 and it was then forwarded to Herefordshire Council. 

First Regulation 16 consultation. The NDP went through the regulation 16 consultation during which it was publicised on the Herefordshire Council website for 6 weeks. At the end of this consultation, Herefordshire Council decided that they did not feel the NDP was ready to go forward for independent examination. You can access a copy of their decision notice here.

Second Regulation 16 consultation: The Parish Council then worked on the plan to address the concerns raised by Herefordshire Council, you can see a record of their discussions in the Parish Council minutes on this site and a summary of responses to issues raised can be found below. The revised NDP was approved at the June 2017 meeting of the Parish Council prior to being resubmitted for a second regulation 16 consultation. The consultation ran from 28 July to 15 September 2017.  Herefordshire Council decided that the NDP was ready to progress to the independent examination stage and a copy of their decision notice can be accessed here.  

Independent Examination: The Parish Council agreed to ask Liz Beth to undertake the examination of the Shobdon NDP. Liz Beth  examined the plan in December 2017 and decided that the plan does not currently meet the basic conditions, and therefore may not proceed to a referendum.  She recommended that some extra work is done, as detailed, and that the Plan undergoes another Reg 14 consultation before being re-submitted under Reg 15 of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012 to the Local Planning Authority.  

 2018: A working meeting of the steering group and Parish Council was held in January 2018 to discuss a paper on housing site allocation and discuss and confirm the criteria used to assess housing sites in the NDP. At the February Parish Council meeting, the scoring of the potential housing sites was agreed against the criteria. The plan was redrafted and agreed at an extraordinary meeting  held on the 2nd May 2018.

Regulation 14 consultation 2018:  The regulation 14 consultation was held  23rd May - 5th July 2018 and the plan revised in response to the comments made. The revised plan was agreed at an extraordinary meeting of the Parish Council on the 18th July 2018. Following this the Strategic Environmental Assessment and Habitats Regulation Assessment were revised by Herefordshire Council and the basic conditions statement and consultation statement updated. An extraordinary Parish Council meeting was held on the 16th August 2018 to approve all the document prior to being submitted for the regulation 16 consultation. 

Regulation 16 consultation 2018: The regulation 16 consultation ran from 28th August to 23rd October 2018 and at the end of this Herefordshire Council agreed that the plan was ready to proceed to examination. The Parish Council agreed their responses to the comments made during the consultation at their meeting on the 26th November 2018, and these can be accessed below.

Examination 2018: Liz Beth was appointed to undertake the examination of the plan and issued her report in January 2019 . The report recommends that the NDP proceed to a referendum with some minor modifications. A copy of her report can be accessed here. The Parish Council met on the 11th January 2019 and agreed that the plan be revised to take into account all the suggested modifications and proceed to referendum on this basis.

Referendum: The referendum on adoption of the plan was held on the 28th February 2019 and the result was 83.4% in favour of adoption.

All documents can be seen below or accessed via Herefordshire Council website.  If you have any queries about the NDP, please contact Emma Lewis, Parish Clerk,

Final version of the Plan

Examination 2018

Regulation 16 documents 2018

Changes made after 2018 reg 14 consultation

Regulation 14 Consultation - May 2018

Spring 2018 documents

Independent Examination Documents November 2017

1st Regulation 16 -  Summary of Response to Issues Raised:

Regulation 14 Consultation

Planning Documents

Steering Group Minutes: