Shobdon parish is lucky to have many footpaths, making it easy for residents and visitors to get out and about in our beautiful countryside. As with all footpaths, walkers are reminded to abide by the countryside code – a copy of which you can find on this page.  There is also a page on this website which provides maps and information on the 6 Shobdon Memorial walks.

As a principle, stiles and gates and their maintenance are the responsibility of the owner of the land to maintain. The maintenance and repair of footpath bridges is usually  the responsibility of Herefordshire Council. Landowners have a responsibility to keep paths clear of vegetation overhanging from the side or from above a footpath on their land (i.e. hedges and trees) whilst the highway authority (i.e. Herefordshire Council) is responsible for keeping footpaths clear of vegetation growing up from their surface.

The Parish Council has no obligation or legal duty to do any work on the footpaths,  however for some years it has chosen to participate in the PROW scheme (run by Balfour Beatty /Herefordshire Council) and undertakes some work to improve footpaths, as it sees the benefit of this to the parish and its residents.  The Parish has a Parish Footpaths Officer (PFO) who works with a small team of volunteers on the footpaths. The Parish Council allocates a small budget each year to PROW, with this usually being directed towards replacing stiles with gates or installing additional waymarkers to improve accessibility on footpaths. The Parish Council looks to work with local landowners to ensure maximum benefit from the small budget available by, for example, providing volunteers to install gates which have been purchased by the landowner. The Parish Council has also been lucky enough in recent years to receive additional donations to footpath work from local residents.

Any defects/issues on public rights of way in the parish can be reported to the Parish Clerk via the contact page of this site or to Herefordshire Council.

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