Parish Plan Background

The Shobdon Parish Plan was published in 2014. The plan was created through a number of stages.

First a group of enthusiastic people got together to engage with the rest of the Parish and find out what their views are.

Second groups of like minded individuals were identified. These were then invited to focus group meetings in order to get a flavour of the hot topics in the parish, to steer the general direction of investigations. These groups included:

Aged and Housebound people
Outlying Hamlets
Small Businesses
Airfield Users
Home Workers
Young Children
Teenagers and Young People
Young Adults
Parents of School Age Children

At the Third Stage the results of these consultations were taken and formed the basis for the first Parish wide consultation, which was the planning for real event on the 18th/19th January 2013. This was an opportunity for everyone with a stake in what happens in the Parish to come along and say what is good, what is bad, what should be kept, what should be changed.

At the fourth stage a questionnaire on the pertinent topics was developed and circulated in order to determine what the whole village feels. The questionnaire provides statistical information to base the Parish Plan document on.

The fifth stage was the analysis of the results of the survey. These were then presented back to the Parish as a draft plan, so that parishioners had a chance to feedback comments on this.

For the final stage the Plan was issued to both Parishioners, and other relevant bodies (public or private).

Parish Plan documents

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