The Shobdon Village Trust (Charity Registration 509058)

The Shobdon Village Trust was formed from the Poor’s Land Trust (originally established in 1863). The Trust has three Trustees Mrs. M, Carmichael, Mr. C Williams and Stephen Macdonald. The Clerk to the Parish Council acts as the Trust secretary.

The objectives of the Trust are for the general benefit of the inhabitants of the Parish of Shobdon. Since its creation it has donated funds to help the establishment of the ‘Park and Stride’ car park (which the Trust owns), has given over £2,000 to the new playground at Bar Meadow, made a £2000 contribution to the new Boiler in the Village Hall, donated to the purchase of the village defibrillator and purchased a bingo machine for use in the village hall. The funds of the Trust are not that substantial earning annual interest of a little over £600.

If any resident of the Parish wishes to put forward an application for funds from the trust that meets the objectives then please do so in writing to the Trust secretary ([email protected]).